Jonathan Schaefer's mom won tickets to the Tony Awards on Lets Make A Deal. He took the win not only as an excuse to get gussied up and take her out for an exciting evening on the town, but also an an opportunity to try to get a job.

When asked about the endeavor, Schaefer said:

..[b]ut my goal when I was going to the gala was to try and brush shoulders with as many people in the industry as I could. I am trying to become an actor so I thought the more people I talk to, the more connections I could possibly form. I also wanted to try and get photos with several celebrities that have given me inspiration and those are the people I was able to grab photos with...

I am not sure if he landed an audition (if you have one for him, email me) but he got some great pictures along the way.

Debra Messing, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Andrew Rannells, Billy Magnussen, & Richard Kind with Jon

[Images via Jonathan Schaefer's phone, probably shot by someone a couple drinks in]