"Less Expensev Toys" and Other Things New Yorkers Want from de Blasio

Down on Canal Street, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has set up a tent for New Yorkers to "talk transition." Among the activities: Writing your wishes in marker on nametags and slapping them up on the wall. Dodge & Burn's Victor Jeffreys went down to check it out and see what New Yorkers are asking for.

Never Give A New Yorker A Marker

New York City and mayor-elect Bill de Blasio set up a bitching tent meeting place on Canal street where New Yorkers are encouraged to participate in discussions about the future of this fair city. Talk Transition runs through the end of the week—there are a series of presentations on education, jobs, technology, transportation, healthcare, and every other topic people want to complain about discuss. So, if you want to be heard, head downtown and pick up a marker, because Mr. de Blasio will certainly read all of these cute little name tags.

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