Last night marked the official launch of Dodge & Burn, with a steamy launch party hosted on Gawker HQ's rooftop. There were 100 pizzas, 400 fabulous people, 3 bathrooms, 2 bars, 1 projector and a 30 minute wait to get in—it was a grand ol' time.

Here are some portraits from the evening, the full set is on our new facebook page.

Artyom Matusov

Ru Bhatt

Nikola Tamindzic

Dylan Forsberg

Matthew Degnan

Zach Hyman

Lily Claire Nussbaum

Justin Stanwix

Rich Benjamin

Chris Lehman

Ian Soga

Michael Musto

Adam Weinert

Stellah De Ville

Helen Bobbit Powell

Elizabeth Koury

Evan Ross Katz

Jerri Chou

Lauren Rodman

Lindsay Mazzocco

Ian Roberts

Julia Schweizer

Mandisa Wright

Sarah McElwee

Leon Lim