Sunday Fun Day

Victor Jeffreys II · 01/13/14 01:23PM

Sunday is the day of the Lord—the night, on the other hand, belongs to party people.

Victor Jeffreys II · 01/13/14 12:40PM

At least he has pants on.

Butt Germs: No Pants Subway Ride

Victor Jeffreys II · 01/13/14 11:40AM

Improv Everywhere's 13th annual No Pants Subway Ride was yesterday, and it is exactly what it sounds like. In over 60 cities in 25 countries around the world, people were convinced it was a good idea to walk around in their skivvies and ride the subway—watch out for butt germs! Illustrator Paul Tuller and I took the F train (with our pants on) from 2nd Ave to to 53rd street and back down to Union Square. This is what we saw.

JR, Inside Out, Upside Down, and Dancing

Victor Jeffreys II · 01/08/14 04:30PM

French artist JR (the guy in the glasses in the image above) was awarded the TED Prize in 2011 for his project titled Inside Out. He was recently selected by the New York City Ballet for their NYCB Art Series. The photo-based collaboration will be presented to the public on January 23, February 7, and February 13th. Tickets are $29 and can be purchased here—if you are in town check it out.

Polar Voltron

Victor Jeffreys II · 01/07/14 03:50PM

(Image by Chris West)

Has The Rapture Come?

Victor Jeffreys II · 01/07/14 01:16PM

Union Square is one of the busiest places in Manhattan, but right now it is totally empty. It is either the weather, or the rapture has come and we are the only ones left behind.

Mayor de Blasio Has Thousands Of New Yorkers Standing In The Cold

Victor Jeffreys II · 01/06/14 10:56AM

Mayor Bill de Blasio invited guests to Gracie Mansion, "your house," as the mayor likes to call it—yesterday afternoon for a special open house celebrating his new administration. Thousands of New Yorkers from all five boroughs lined up outside of his/our home for more than two hours for a chance to be corralled through four rooms of the mansion ('the tour') and to get a photo taken with the mayor.

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/26/13 04:35PM

[Williamsburg Savings Bank, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY)

Off Season At The Rockaway Beach

Ben Pomeroy · 12/24/13 10:01AM

On a recent afternoon I'm sitting at my desk and my phone lights up with the text: "Let's go surf!"