Santa Projectile Vomiting

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/19/13 03:47PM

Lucky Peach Magazine had a gallery opening last night at the Bleecker Street Arts Club and Santa was there projectile vomiting into everyone's cup.

Hot Sauce

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/19/13 03:02PM

It Is Not Cryogenics, It Is Dustin Yellin

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/17/13 05:21PM

Dustin Yellin and Pioneer Works had a holiday party over the weekend. I was invited into Mr. Yellin's studio to see up close how he builds his three dimensional glass composite collage paintings.

Turn That Cherry Out

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/16/13 02:53PM

Turn that cherry out, turn that cherry out. I want you to, turn that cherry out, turn that cherry out.

Send Us Pictures Of Dead Things In Your Home

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/16/13 01:26PM

'Tis the season to put dying trees (or those that never lived) in your home and cover them with things that sparkle (so they seem more alive?). We want to see your trees! Send us pictures!

The Paris Review Smells Like Cigarettes

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/11/13 04:44PM

The Paris Review had a party last night celebrating the publication of its winter issue. Their parties are always fun—they have a great office with amazing art on the walls, guests always drink too much, there are books everywhere, but they let people smoke inside and I still smell like cigarettes.

Love Fashion

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/10/13 04:04PM

Kenmare just East of Elizabeth Street

This Music Video Will Make You Shake, Or Give You Vertigo

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/09/13 03:02PM

New York based indie-dance band Estate and Tokyo based band, Liquid Pegasus just released a 3-D gif music video for their single Tendency. The piece was shot by Josh Johnson on a Nimslo, one of the first consumer level three dimensional cameras to hit the market. Each exposure shoots 4 images from slightly different angles across the space of 2 full 35 mm exposures. The end result is pretty cool.

Company XIV is Cracking Nuts

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/02/13 04:28PM

Austin McCormick's Company XIV and The St. At Large have put together a titillating evening of nipple pasties, opera singers, circus performers, jock straps, confetti, and dancers all for the holiday season! Nutcracker Rouge is a Baroque-Burlesque rendition of the traditional ballet that has Balanchine rolling in his grave, and audience members dancing in their pants. The show runs through January 5, 2014, if you are in town you should check it out.