JR, Inside Out, Upside Down, and Dancing

Victor Jeffreys II · 01/08/14 04:30PM

French artist JR (the guy in the glasses in the image above) was awarded the TED Prize in 2011 for his project titled Inside Out. He was recently selected by the New York City Ballet for their NYCB Art Series. The photo-based collaboration will be presented to the public on January 23, February 7, and February 13th. Tickets are $29 and can be purchased here—if you are in town check it out.

Santa Projectile Vomiting

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/19/13 03:47PM

Lucky Peach Magazine had a gallery opening last night at the Bleecker Street Arts Club and Santa was there projectile vomiting into everyone's cup.

It Is Not Cryogenics, It Is Dustin Yellin

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/17/13 05:21PM

Dustin Yellin and Pioneer Works had a holiday party over the weekend. I was invited into Mr. Yellin's studio to see up close how he builds his three dimensional glass composite collage paintings.

Love Fashion

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/10/13 04:04PM

Kenmare just East of Elizabeth Street

Company XIV is Cracking Nuts

Victor Jeffreys II · 12/02/13 04:28PM

Austin McCormick's Company XIV and The St. At Large have put together a titillating evening of nipple pasties, opera singers, circus performers, jock straps, confetti, and dancers all for the holiday season! Nutcracker Rouge is a Baroque-Burlesque rendition of the traditional ballet that has Balanchine rolling in his grave, and audience members dancing in their pants. The show runs through January 5, 2014, if you are in town you should check it out.

Never Give A New Yorker A Marker

Victor Jeffreys II · 11/20/13 11:00AM

New York City and mayor-elect Bill de Blasio set up a bitching tent meeting place on Canal street where New Yorkers are encouraged to participate in discussions about the future of this fair city. Talk Transition runs through the end of the week—there are a series of presentations on education, jobs, technology, transportation, healthcare, and every other topic people want to complain about discuss. So, if you want to be heard, head downtown and pick up a marker, because Mr. de Blasio will certainly read all of these cute little name tags.

Creative Time: Be More Creative

Victor Jeffreys II · 11/13/13 01:21PM

Full disclosure: 1. I love the work that Creative Time does. It is important, at times irreverent, and always forward thinking. If you have money to give away, give them some. 2. I have an intellectual crush on Creative Time's President and Creative Director, Anne Pasternak (pictured above). She is smart, fiercely independent, widely respected, and she had on an awesome jacket last night. That being said, last night Creative Time had its Fall Ball and it was not very creative.

Dr. Ruth Is Wu-Tang's #1 Fan

Victor Jeffreys II · 11/11/13 10:50AM

Saturday night marked the 20 year anniversary of The Wu-Tang Clan's release of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Members of the group and supporters from the past years gathered at 118 Orchard for the opening of Wu Ha 20 20, a group art show celebrating the momentous occasion.

(There are boobs in this post) NSFW

Victor Jeffreys II · 11/06/13 01:00PM

Last night The Hole opened AREA: The Exhibition, an exhibition (clearly) celebrating AREA (of course!), one of the hottest night clubs in NYC during the 1980s. The fabled club was the nexus of the downtown art scene, and Mr. Deitch, lead curator of the show and former director of MOCA, wanted to recreate the experience.

I Am Banksy

Victor Jeffreys II · 10/29/13 03:31PM

I am Banksy. (SOHO, NYC)

Marques Toliver Is The Man

Victor Jeffreys II · 10/18/13 03:18PM

Marques Toliver and I met 5 years ago on a sidewalk in Williamsburg. His booming voice, percussive violin playing, and R&B sensibilities made it virtually impossible for me not to stop to find out who he was. Fast forward to today, and Marques has signed with Bella Union, is traveling the world playing music, and just released his new album Land of CanAan (which can be purchased here). Gawker and I are hosting a concert with him this Sunday—if you want an invite, send me suggestions ( for the next New York based musician we should host.