Victor Jeffreys II · 01/13/14 12:40PM

At least he has pants on.

The Newsstand is Having a Party Tonight

Victor Jeffreys II · 07/11/13 04:06PM

The Newsstand is a one month pop-up zine store in the Lorimer L/Metropolitan G subway station, brought to you by the curators of the 8-ball Zine Fair and the creative agency ALLDAYEVERYDAY. The retail space, located between the two trains, was formerly occupied by a convenient store that sold candy, high fructose corn syrup + water, and trashy magazines. Now you will find bubbly bottled water, art zines, buttons, and Tom Wesselman-esque ladies on the walls. They are having a party tonight and I am curious if/how they are going to get the keg down the stairs.